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Likuit Water Cultures


Likuit is the story of the peoples of the world that builds their identity around a water culture, whose defense and enhancement is part of the solution to local and global challenges of climate change.

Development of the idea

The world is on the brink of environmental collapse due to a major drought that has led to a few collecting water from all over the planet. A group of young Internet users begin to chat about the hashtag “where is the water”; it occurs to one of them that they might ask the elders of their families. Start a real journey on the water cultures of Europe, Africa, America, Asia. After weeks of sharing this information, they discover that water is scarce and contaminated by the unsustainable use of industry, intensive agriculture, mining.
Only by uniting their particular knowledge in a common and shared flow, will water return to everyone. They decide to organize themselves with the so-called “Council of Water Wise Men”. They edit all the material they have shared with their elders and, they create a web doc series: LIKUT WATER CULTURES.